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Wireless Internet Services

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Letaba Wireless is a Wireless Internet Service Provider – or WISP – servicing the Greater Letaba District. Our coverage area reaches as far as the Munnik and Soekmekaar area, the fertile Letsitele and Constantia area, Gravelotte and Ofcolaco, the mountainous Agatha and Georges Valley area as well as the misty Magoebaskloof and Haenertsburg area.

Although Wireless Internet is our primary product we also offer VoIP (Voice over IP) services, run VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) across our network for various applications such as inter-Office communications and CCTV monitoring. Apart from the above, we install short and long range point-to-point wireless links to individual requirements as well as setup Hotspots for Restaurants, Lodges, etc.

We have established ourselves as the Premier Internet Service Provider in the Greater Letaba District. We specialize in wireless networks and the accompanying services and are fully licensed with ICASA and a proud member of WAPA (the Wireless Access Providers Association).

Coverage Area:

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Wireless Internet Services

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