Letaba Networks: Your Trusted Internet Provider.

Letaba Networks stands out as a premier Internet Service Provider (ISP), offering uncapped Internet access primarily in the northeastern region of South Africa.

Established in 2005 as a sub-division within an IT firm, our journey took a significant turn in 2008 when our wireless department evolved into a separate entity. A dedicated team of wireless enthusiasts from the IT firm joined Letaba Networks, marking a pivotal moment in our growth trajectory. This transition allowed us to specialize in wireless internet and associated services, enabling us to focus solely on delivering exceptional connectivity without the distractions of IT-related issues.

Since installing our first repeater in 2005, our network has experienced remarkable expansion, paralleled by the steady growth of our customer base. With built-in redundancy and several days of power backup, we are committed to maintaining a 100% online presence. Continuously expanding and upgrading our network, we relentlessly innovate to enhance its performance and speed, ensuring that our customers enjoy the best possible experience.

Our vision is to provide the community with reliable and affordable ‘always-on’ broadband services, along with
their associated benefits.

We’re All About Internet.

Beyond internet and VoIP, our high-speed wireless network powers CCTV and VPN links. We specialize in planning and building custom short or long-distance wireless connections to meet individual needs.

Our vision is to guarantee 'always-on' broadband. To achieve this, we've implemented key measures across all our services.